I do not have a hosting plan or a domain. What can I do?

This is not a problem at all. We have our very own servers and we offer different hosting plans. It is up to you if you want to host your website on our servers or if you want us to help you finding a good hosting company.

I do not have a domain for my website.

I can help you and register your domain name for you. If you want to do this by yourself, I am happy to assist you 

How long does it need until I get my website?

I can create websites within 48 hours. But it also depends on how fast you can send us all your content, the theme you want to use & the detailed instructions on how your website should look like. On average your website is ready within two days after we got all informations that we need.

Do you also take bulk orders?

I already got that question from a few users. YES WE DO! Please contact us and tell you what you need. We can give you 10% – 20% off if you need more than 10 websites at a time

How do I order your service?

That is really easy. Just drop us a PM, an E-Mail or add us to your Skype account. I can than discuss your project and start with the work

Do you also offer customization on a website that is already online?

Of course I do. Contact us and let us discuss what you need.

I do not want to use a theme from Themeforest or any other website. Can you create a custom theme for me?

Yes, I can create a custom theme, please contact us and tell us what exactly you need and I will find a solution 

How many pages are included in your offer?

I will create between 5 – 10 page for you. Please notice that we are going to use a CMS so you will be able to create more page by yourself.

Who is going to help me if I have a question after the website is created?

I am always here to help you. I will help you managing your website and if you have a question, you can always sent us an email or contact us on Skype.

What about search engine optimization?

I am going to make an on-page optimization for your website. You just need to provide us your keywords and descriptions and I do the rest.